Currently, most organizations’ energy and water billing, information, documents, and communications are fragmented and scattered on different mediums and systems, making it practically impossible for these organizations to fully understand the big picture of their energy and water operations and costs.  Moreover, practically all current energy management software on the market today merely provide for the tracking of utility bills mainly for the purposes of utilities budgeting, energy procurement, and the identification of noticeably large billing errors and anomalies – without providing meaningful context and causality to the data.


What the market is clearly lacking today is a facilities management system that empowers organizations to centralize the information and communications related their energy and water resources and that provides them with the means to manage their utilities intelligently -- within context and causality -- with minimum cost and effort.


Efficiency3 has, over the past several years, developed a unique utilities management system that empowers organizations to centralize and manage their utilities intelligently - within context and causality.  Efficiency3’ unique system enables organizations to consolidate every aspect of their energy and water use, price, and cost in a cloud based platform, quickly obtain a global view of the organization’s current, recent, and historical energy and water operations and costs, and develop a quick understanding of what is the driving the change in their facilities’ operating and financial performance from month to month – and why -- while making the process simple and fun!


The system consists of:


  • Centralized cloud-based document libraries, knowledge libraries, and media libraries.
  • Centralized cloud-based communication and collaboration tools.
  • Ongoing global view of every aspect of an organization’s energy and water operations, prices, and costs.
  • Monthly Intelligence Analytics that integrate extensive pre-agggregated relational analytics with automatic dynamic data filtering and comprehensive on-the-spot analysis, documentation, and interpretation of monthly utilities data -- within context and causality.
  • Billing data acquisition and analysis.
  • Billing and metering issues identification and resolution.
  • Automated Energy Star Updates.
  • Custom-tailored reporting.


The company's unique integration of the contents of its cloud-based platform with regularly distributed intelligence analytics enable the quick generation of actionable insights that empower organizations to optimize the use, price, and cost of their utilities in the shortest amount of time -- with minimal cost and effort.


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