Efficiency3 is an energy intelligence company.  The company provides breakthrough technologies that empower energy users and organizations to use energy intelligently by providing technnologies that tie cause to effect and provide actionable insights instead of mere information.


Energy users and managers will no longer have to be content with energy management software and dashboards that limit them to the tracking of energy use, price, and cost at their facilities; they can now integrate and centralize every aspect of their organization's facilities management and energy management operations and measure, visualize, quantify, and monetize the energy performance of their facilities within context and causality.  Efficiency3's new systems and technologies provide organizations a global view of their facilities' energy use, price, and cost on a monthly basis and help them understand what is driving the change in the operating and financial performance at their facilities -- and why!


Efficiency3's technologies empower energy users and managers to quickly understand, diagnose, and document the energy performance of their facilities and determine which actions work, which actions do not work -- and why -- as well as to quickly establish where costs can be cut and investments should be made -- moving the standard for all energy management software and systems from providing the answer to the question "How did my actions perform?" to providing answers to the question: "How can I improve the operating and financial performance of my facility?"


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